Artisan White Chocolate Tasting Experience


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Product Description

I’m so exited for you to taste this artisan white chocolate bar. After three years of tinkering, it’s finally ready. This bar combines deliciously complex white chocolate with a beautiful tasting experience. The chocolate is made from Organic Madagascan Cocoa Butter, Jess’ Ladies Organic Yogurt, Italian mascarpone and roasted milk. The tasting experience blends music and mindfulness and features the stunning vocals of Priscilla Anderson. Experience a moment of pure chocolate calm.

Everything Understory makes is ethically sourced, organic and directly traded where possible.

Ingredients: Madagascan cocoa butter, organic sugar, milk powder, Jess’ Ladies Organic Yogurt, mascarpone, tonka beans, vanilla.
Organic ingredients in bold | Weight 60g
Made in a lab that handles dairy & nuts