Sense of Self

Sense of Self is our new project exploring dementia, funded by Dementia Connect. We are collaborating with Creative Dementia and the Methodist Housing Association to investigate chocolate reminiscence tools. 

Dementia is an umbrella term for various progressive neurological disorders that impair memory function, communication and cognitive ability. Currently, there is no cure. 

Even though there is no cure, there is a range of established creative interventions, such as music therapy that have been been shown to help stimulate reminiscence. These activities often bring carers, families and those with dementia together. 

We have a hunch that food is an under explored medium for creating enjoyable reminiscence activities. Drawing upon our expertise in psychology and chocolate, we have developed a series of experimental tasting sessions with residents from the Methodist Housing Association. Our goal is to understand better how to turn memories into chocolates, how to evoke nostalgia and how to use multisensory additions like music to amplify the effect.

Ultimately our aim is to develop chocolate boxes that bring residents together to share and remember fondly flavours from their pasts.

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