Reggae chocolates for ‘SENCITY’, a multisensory music night

We’ve been experimenting with reggae flavours in the lab this month. Sencity, a multi-sensory clubbing night part of OpenSenses Symposium have commissioned us to great flavour pairings with music from the New Town Kings. Together, we will create a night out in an unforgettable experience where all senses will be pleased.
To combine music and flavour on a deeper level, we’ve been spending time thinking about how each track makes us feel and which flavours and textures best represent the emotion and tone of the song. So far we’ve created coffee and chilli chocolate, Guinness punch bars, lime and popping candy white chocolate, rum and banana truffles and peanut and passion-fruit ganache.

Being creative with flavour and emotion is what we do best and inspired possible flavours for future bars. We’re intrigued to see how people enjoy listening to the live performance of the song while eating the chocolate we’ve carefully created for them.