Understory was commissioned to create a tent for Bestival’s Slow Motion field, 2016. We decided upon a Multisensory Healing tent, where visitors could have their Tarot read by flavour, using the memories conjured as a talking point for discussing hopes and dreams. Then, they could be prescribed a number of treatments. From Smemory, a one on one conversation with our resident psychologist Annie who used scents to curate a conversation about emotion, to Frissonic Healing, where music, meditation and movement combine into a thoroughly relaxing, and mindful, experience. Finally ending with ‘The Helmet’ – a psychedelic exploration of flavour and stimulus. The participant donned a genuine MIG fighter pilot helmet, custom fitted with lights and audio that react to one another. While eating chocolate, the participant was transported out of this world and into a wormhole of light and colour, providing overwhelming sensory stimulus, giving the sensation that time was slowing down.